6 Ways Savvy Recruiters Find The Right Candidates

6 Ways Savvy Recruiters Find The Right Candidates


If you think that recruiting a new candidate is an easy job, you are drastically wrong. In recent years we’ve seen a drastic increase in the number of conflicts between employees and their employer that escalate to legal disputes. Many of these disputes are related to areas that once were considered private issues, or activities done outside of the working environment. With people connected to their smartphones 24/7 the borders between the working environment and our personal sphere are becoming increasingly blurred. Sharing photos from your workplace on your personal social media accounts may seem innocent but is often a violation of working policy. With Twitter, Facebook and Instagram being part of our daily lives many companies struggle to handle employees unaware that they may reveal company confidential information when being active on social media during working hours. Another area of conflict is related to online shopping and gambling. With the instant play casinos (called PaynPlay) and sports betting apps on our mobile phones, it’s easy to forget that gambling of any kind, free or in exchange for money, during working hours, is considered a valid reason to have you fired. The same is true for online shopping. We see an alarming increase in both parties more often than before reaching out to get legal advice related to disputes due to social media, online shopping and gambling activities during working hours. 

For HR professionals and any recruiter out there, the recruitment process is a delicate and ever-demanding task that requires innovative strategies. In fact, there have been several changes and implementations in HR technologies, so recruiters can take advantage of them to fix a lot of hiring challenges and picking the right candidate among hundreds of other candidates. However, these tools often focus on skills and personality, rather than addressing issues of “common sense” and what is allowed, and not allowed, during working hours. Asking the right questions during the HR interview is essential to prevent problems in the future. With a discussion about these topics already in the recruiting process, the company sends a clear message to the potential employe that they take these issues seriously. 

Shortage Of Required Skills

One of the biggest problems in recruiting new people consists of a shortage of skilled candidates. This problem rises especially for positions that require a specific education path that only a few people have in the CVs. So, for recruiters, it’s fundamental to have a good recruitment plan and a clear vision of what skills they need to find in a new candidate along with a strong awareness of what they can give the new candidate in terms of training and advancement.

In other words, recruiters should consider what they can offer to new candidates and what they want to get from them at the same time. If the ratio is well balanced, there are excellent chances of hiring the right person and start an ongoing job relationship.

Follow These Ways To Recruit The Right People

The recruitment process is time-demanding and costly. Every firm out there would like to have the righ5t candidate knocking at their door in the morning without having to start the entire process. But things don’t go this way, though.

So, here are some excellent ways that are meant to drive your attention in the recruitment process on what really matters for your business:

  1. Verify the information
    Many candidates come for a first job interview with a superb CV where you can find excellent education references and even some previous job experiences. Many inexperienced recruiters tend to get impressed by such CVs and forget the importance of verifying in person the statements appearing on them. So, rule #1 for a savvy recruiter is to always verify that the information on a CV is true.
  2. Human touch
    Establish a human relationship with the new candidates when interviewing them is essential to open up the discussion related to the activities mentioned above. Try to make them feel at ease with you, ask for personal hobbies or free-time activities like online shopping and gambling. Let your candidates talk a little about themselves and the things they love to do. Maybe you are going to discover that you have more things in common than you may suspect. Perhaps both of you love football and support the same team or love to place bets online. Finding something you have in common makes it easier to talk about what is allowed during working hours. Talking about personal passions is the best way to understand what type of person you are dealing with, so give enough space to it during your next job interview.
  3. Engage your employees
    If you want to attract new candidates to your firm, you should discover why your current employees chose to work for you. So, engage them and ask them why they love working with you. Think well, your employees are your best ambassadors for your firm and brand.
  4. Job descriptions
    Although you are hiring for a job position that involves complex tasks, you should always try to be as clear and brief as you can. Give details about the job you are offering without spending too many lines. List the duties, tasks, requirements that are necessary for your job offering, but don’t forget to tell something about your company’s history and vision.
  5. Online recruitment
    Today, you can find plenty of online recruitment platforms, like UpWork and others. These tools are superb to post a job offer and get candidates to find you in no time. Open an account as a recruiter, spot a job offer, and select the best candidates. You can invite them for a job interview online where you will tell more about your job offering and requirements.
  6. Trial period
    If you are not sure about hiring candidates, you can propose a trial period. During this period, they will try the job and see if they like it and can do it. At the same time, you will understand if those candidates are the right people for you or not. Make sure to be clear about how long the trial period will be and about the payment. Either you are hiring online or in person, prepare a contract to sign for the candidates with all the details about the job duties, responsibilities, goals, payment, hourly rate, and more.

Working with new candidates might be a little hard at the beginning. You have to give them enough time to learn about the job and understand how they can do it the best way possible. Offer some specific training to help them get into their position’s frame of mind.

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