Advice on changing your locks after home burglary

Advice on changing your locks after home burglary

As a law firm, we often meet people in stressful situations and over the years we have collected some valuable information on what can be done to prevent some of those situations. During the last years, we’ve seen an increase in home alerts related to home burglaries, sometimes committed by criminals disguised as contractors or representatives of various services. It’s urgent to change all locks on doors and windows as soon as possible but people dealing with such an emergency do not have any precious time to waste doing research online to find the best locksmith possible. They need fast and efficient help, especially if there is also a small child locked inside a house or a vehicle. If they have done their homework beforehand, they should be able to get in touch with reliable technicians who can reach them on time and avoid a potential tragedy. If they never took the time to look for a trustworthy locksmith for emergencies, things might get a little tricky. Assuming you are not yet confronted with any kind of a lock or key emergency, and you are simply trying to think ahead, here are a few ideas to help you find the best people for the job – and save them in your contacts.

Tip#1: Timing Is Of The Essence

If you have recently bought a new home, this is the perfect time to get in touch with a locksmith for the first time and ask them to change the locks. This will ensure no one else will be able to enter your property without your knowledge or consent.

You may also want to upgrade the existing locks with a smart lock system that will enable you to track all the persons who will be entering your home. Consider using a common Internet hub to keep all your systems under control. A professional locksmith service should be able to help you choose the best bespoke solutions for your exact needs.

If you have been living in the same house or apartment for a while now, and you have never encountered any problems with your locks or keys, this might be the time to start looking for a locksmith. The repetitive use and the wear-and-tear factor are prone to make your locks less efficient in time, and even cause them to stop working at some point. It is better to be prepared before something does happen.

There are no locksmiths working with the police so if someone claims they do, be aware that it may be someone who is trying to take advantage of your situation. Instead, start your search by going online to search for locksmith services in your area. Keep in mind not all companies shown in search results are authorized locksmiths. Make sure to get personal recommendations and go through the recommended vetting before hiring. It’s also important to pay attention to the proximity factor should play an important role when determining which service to hire. A lockout emergency requires the immediate assistance of a lock technician who should be able to reach your location within half an hour or less; a locksmith located in a different state will definitely not be able to cater to this particular need. Know what to focus on, and look for it. Compare services, rates, customer reviews, tools, software, and procedures.

Tip #2: Check Their Business

See that you hire professional locksmiths who are licensed and authorized to function. Ask for proof of licensing and authorization, and confirm they are using a local address.

Give them a call outside the regular working hours to make sure they ca provide you with the needed help in case of emergencies.

Tip #3: Ask For Written Estimates

This is a critical step that will ensure you will hire a reliable locksmith. After creating a list of projects or repair work over the phone, they should provide you with an estimate of the time they will take to finish the work. They should also offer a written estimate upon their arrival – make sure they confirm this as well.

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